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Compliance Guidelines

1. Providing Safe, High Quality Products and Services. We shall make every effort to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services from the standpoint of our customers. Should a problem occur regarding safety, we shall immediately take appropriate action.

2. Free Competition and Fair Trading. We shall perform fair corporate activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to fair competition and fair trade of each country and region.

3. Observing Trade Control Laws. We shall not participate in any transactions that may undermine the maintenance of global peace and security and world order in compliance with all applicable export and import related laws and regulations of each country and region as well as Daikin Group Policy.

4. Respect and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Recognizing that intellectual property rights are important company assets, we shall strive to protect and maintain our intellectual property rights and effectively utilize them. Furthermore, we shall respect and make every effort not to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other companies.

5. Proper Management and Utilization of Information. We shall properly manage and effectively utilize the confidential information of our company, the confidential information obtained from other companies, and the personal information of our customers and employees and shall not obtain any information through improper means. We shall thoroughly execute IT security management for our computer systems and the data-resources saved on them.

6. Prohibition of Insider Trading. To maintain the trust of the securities market, we shall not use non-public information about the Daikin Group or other companies to buy or sell stocks or other securities (insider trading).

7. Timely and Appropriate Disclosure of Corporate Information. Aiming to be an “open company” with high transparency and earn the respect of society, we shall actively convey corporate information in a timely fashion not only to shareholders and investors but also to a wide spectrum of society, and engage in two-way communication.

These compliance guidelines set forth the basic premises to observe as a basic framework for compliance for all Group companies as well as each and every one of their executives and employees in the worldwide expansion of the Daikin Group. Each company of the global Group shall draft specific criteria based on these guidelines as a code of conduct that corresponds to differences in laws and customs of each country and region and thoroughly maintains compliance.

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