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Intelligent Touch Manager

One touch selection to total air comfort

Introducing Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager, a VRV system controller with a array of simple, useful system management functions that give you ultimate control over your entire air-conditioning network from an easy to use, programmable touch screen interface.

Price-competitive BMS

Most Building Management Systems (BMS) come at a high price. Our intelligent Touch Manager is a mini BMS made for medium to large commercial buildings such as hotels and offices. It provides you all of the benefits of a normal BMS, but at a much more affordable price.

Central Control

Handy area settings simplify detailed management of VRV.

Multi-unit control

Connect and control up to 512 Daikin units in one system and combine an unlimited number of systems with our web interface.

Manage History

The intelligent Touch Manager provides a comprehensive history for equipment events including operation, status change, automatic control, and settings

Central Control
Simple Operation

Using the easily recognized icons and intuitive menu screens, even novice users can operate and monitor the system like an expert.​

List View

Designed for simplicity, this menu provides a quick view of overall status and essential information in a list format. Using the sorting function, air conditioning units operating under the same conditions and status are identified for comparison and assessment.

Layout View

A special feature utilises building floor plans to provide a visual representation of system equipment. Without having to memorise equipment names, users can visually locate any installed equipment by searching its position on the floor plan.

Remote Access

Air conditioning control using a PC

Automatic Control

Automatic operation for the entire year

Calendar settings can automate daily management of air conditioning equipment for the entire year to optimise energy savings and comfort.

• A weekly schedule can be set for any air conditioning unit and its group.

• Administrator can also set Start/Stop, Setpoint and below conditions:

  1.  Pre-Cool/Heat

  2. Setback High/Low

  3. Remote Controller Restriction

  4. Timer Extension

  5. Setpoint Shift

  6. Fan Speed

  7. Setpoint Restriction


• Holidays and special days can be set. Monthly schedule can be easily checked on the calendar.

• An expiration date can be set for each schedule. This enables a schedule pattern to be automatically changed according to the season.

Intelligent Touch Manager

State-of-the-art management of building air conditioning.

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